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If you are interested in becoming a student or would like to learn more about the Suzuki Method and how we practice it in our Irvine program at TEC,  we welcome you to come and observe our students.  We have weekly lessons on Tue, Wed, Thur from 1:00pm to 8:00pm.   PreTwinkle Instruction for Preschool children in small groups with parents is scheduled on Saturday mornings from 9-10am.    Group lessons for both TEC and SASS are held on Saturday afternoons at another location.

Please check our calendar for holidays and breaks.  We reschedule lessons on Thanksgiving.  We have two weeks break for Christmas and New Years.  We also schedule a Spring Break and take one week off at the end of the Summer.    TEC students are not available to observe in the studio during those times.  But we would love to schedule something when we are back in session. So don’t wait till you have a holiday to schedule something.

You are also very busy.  Make the most of your time and effort.  Before showing up please:

  1. Take some time to look at our website at for more detailed information.   Before you come, learn as much as you can about the Suzuki Method and our program in Irvine.  Jot down some of the questions, you still have and bring them with you.
  2. Be sure to call early in the week (Sun. evening or Monday) so that you can get directions.    Ms. Cynthia will not interrupt classes to answer the phone, but she will gladly return your call if you leave her a message.   We only ask that you call the studio at 949 261-2822 or email us of your intentions.    This way Ms. Cynthia can make sure there is something going on that you would like to see when you arrive.
  3. You can also check our calendar of events that are open to the public.    Activities Calendar    Here we will post group lessons, recitals, festivals and community events that our students participate in.

But to observe private instruction in the studio, you will need to call and make a reservation with Ms. Cynthia.


Thank you for your consideration.   We look forward to meeting you.