NOVA Musical Minds

Whether you are thinking about starting musical instruction or you just enjoy music the book,  Musicophilia by renown neurologist Oliver Sacks is a fascinating read.  It is not weighed down by technical medical  jargon but full of amazing stories about the people from his practice.   If you can’t bring yourself to read the book try to see the Nova documentary series Musical Minds.

Here is one of the a promotional videos.  

 Due to rights restrictions, this program is only available for streaming on the NOVA website for one week, from July 1-7, 2009.

promotional videos from YouTube


If you missed the program on PBS you can get additional supporting web links, books  and media on the Musical Minds website.   The DVD is also available.   Oliver Sacks is scheduled to answer some of your most pressing questions about music and the brain on line this summer.

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If you are thinking about starting your child in music instruction this Nova series is a must see for all parents.