Spring is the Best Time to sign up for summer Violin classes



Now is the best time to get an early start on violin classes for the summer. Give your older beginner ages 7-12 a head start before they enter the school music program in the coming Fall.  Violin classes in the public schools are often large and it will be very difficult for your beginner to get the attention they need for a good start.  Now is the time to set them up for success.

Older beginners

Older beginners



Start with 30 min. weekly lessons.

 Give new students an opportunity to focus on good position and basic tone.  There is not enough time to develop listening and memory skills once school starts.  These students are much more successful if they are not faced with multi-tasking or learning to play the violin while reading music at the same time.  Internalizing good instrumental skills and connecting the fingers to their ears gives them a better foundation.


Older students who receive personal attention and a careful start are more likely to develop the musical habits they need to keep up with their peers in their local school music program.  Current research shows that Suzuki style students develop the listening and language processing skills needed for better study skills in school generally.  Check videos of TEC students on our main website to discover how far TEC violin students can progress if they begin study before most school programs finally start instrumental programs.


It’s much more difficult to change bad habits after they have formed.  Taking the time to get the right technique before students feel pressure to keep up with a large class is a much more successful experience.  Good position and technique on their instruments gives the student more endurance for enjoyable and rewarding practice.   Make the process less stressful and more musical by providing them with careful  instruction before they enter the school music program.


See www.got2twinkle.com for more details about entry level beginners starting at 30min. private instruction after school scheduled as early as 2:00pm on weekdays, Tue.-Thur.   Check our website and call to schedule an observation of TEC students close to your child’s age.


PreTwinkle classes for ages 3-4 are also available on Saturday mornings at 9:00 and 9:30.


PreTwinkler with box violin

The Music Instinct on PBS


 Along with Bobby McFerrin and David Levitin the author of This is Your Brain on Music.     The site has many articles, interviews, videos and educational media.

The Music Instinct | PBS.


This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession
by Daniel J. Levitin. Plume/Penguin, 2007.

NOVA Musical Minds

Whether you are thinking about starting musical instruction or you just enjoy music the book,  Musicophilia by renown neurologist Oliver Sacks is a fascinating read.  It is not weighed down by technical medical  jargon but full of amazing stories about the people from his practice.   If you can’t bring yourself to read the book try to see the Nova documentary series Musical Minds.

Here is one of the a promotional videos.  

 Due to rights restrictions, this program is only available for streaming on the NOVA website for one week, from July 1-7, 2009. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/musicminds/program.html

promotional videos from YouTube


If you missed the program on PBS you can get additional supporting web links, books  and media on the Musical Minds website.   The DVD is also available.   Oliver Sacks is scheduled to answer some of your most pressing questions about music and the brain on line this summer.


NOVA | NOVA Short | Inside Oliver Sacks’s Brain | PBS



If you are thinking about starting your child in music instruction this Nova series is a must see for all parents.