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Has your child been eyeing that cute violin in the music store window this holiday season?

My advice: Buy yourselves a cookie and think about it.   A musical impulse purchase at the music store can be very expensive. Don’t do it without the guidance of a trustworthy music teacher, who does not take commissions from any music store.

urselves a cookie and think about it.   A musical impulse purchase at the music store can be very expensive. Don’t do it without the guidance of a trustworthy music teacher, who does not take commissions from any music store.

Let me explain why:

  • Returns of instruments to your music store can be next to impossible.
  • Any music teacher who must rely on the sales of musical instruments to make a living should not be in the business of teaching. Find yourself a better violin teacher. Your child deserves it.
  • Teaching while retailing violins poses an ethical problem.  It is not recommended.
  • A trustworthy music teacher offers you a number of good affordable choices for finding the right size instrument for your level of study. They are completely neutral as far as violin or music shops is concerned and have only your child’s needs at heart.
  • Do not even buy a gift certificate from the music store because once again it can not be returned if they don’t carry what you really need for your student.
  • It is important to choose the teacher you want to study with before spending money on a violin so you can be sure of choosing the right size violin for the student. I have had too many new students who have been tricked into buying a violin that is too large for my students.
  • Music shops do this to get more than one purchase out of parents who discover that they have made an impulse decision on an instrument the store was having difficulty unloading from its inventory.
  • A qualified independent music teacher with a degree in music education can save you money in instruments and materials in the long run. Do not trust the teacher who works for the music store.
  • There are more violin teachers available on your Google search for your area than you can see on the first page of your screen. Don’t settle for one of those teacher referral sites that you or the teacher have to pay for.
  • Search for an independent music teacher who has a program that you can visit in their studio. Check out their credentials on their website. Visit them and see out they work with other children in your community. Ask for references from other parents.
  • Avoid using a referral site that sends a teacher to your home. These are inexperienced teachers who are underpaid for driving around in their cars and may not have adequate credentials to be teaching because the agency is skimming off of their work. You should worry about inviting such a person into your home. One does not know how these people are being vetted.

This itemized quick list was created by a Suzuki Violin Teacher who studied in Japan with Dr. Suzuki for 3 years and who has her BA in Music Education. She has been teaching in the Orange County area for 20 plus years and has heard all the horror stories from parents about the things they have been through to get reliable music education for their children without being scammed.

I feel compelled to write this because I have seen more than the usual rip offs going on lately with music retailers and entrepreneurs trying to get into the business. I am ashamed to say that not everyone in the music business has your musical needs at heart.

When your child sees that violin in the window or the Christmas display at the mall keep them inspired. There is a qualified credentialed music teacher out there who can’t wait to meet them. But take the time to do some research on their aspirations so you make sure the Grinch does not take advantage of your musical dreams or Christmas fantasy.

I teach here in the Orange County area and you can go to my website at for more advice where this came from.  See also my Pinterest link.   There are also several books that parents and new students should read before purchasing a violin.   More Posts to come.

Send A Musical Holiday Greeting To Your Friends And Put A Violin in the Hands of A Child

Suzuki Violin Students playing in front of a Christmas Card

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Our Sister Suzuki Program in Santa Ana at needs our help to obtain enough small violins for all of the youngest children in the SASS Program who are ready to start playing Twinkle.   We have decided to use our musical gifts during the Holidays to help them put more 1/32, 1/16, 1/10 & 1/8 size violins in the hands of under served children.

Child trying a violin

SASS student with a 1/32 size violin

Violin Students from Talent Education Center and Santa Ana Suzuki Strings are collaborating together on a community service project that brings Holiday Music  to you or your family and friends during the Holiday Season.   For a donation of $25-$30 towards the SASS Violin Fund you can send a personalized “Live Holiday Musical Greeting”  of your choice via phone, video or Skype in December 2011.

Please share the link below with groups or organizations you think might find a use for such greetings.   I am sure grand parents and other friends and family members would love to receive such a unique and personal greeting.   If you own a business you might want to send a musical holiday greeting performed by our talented young Suzuki violinist to customers, clients or special employees.   Or thank a special volunteer in your organization.

Do you have a hard to impress person on your Holiday shopping list?   This is a Holiday Greeting that will keep them talking about you all week.   You can get started by going to the link below on the site.    Choose a Holiday Carol on our request list which you like and fill in the rest of the form.    A Musical team from SASS and TEC will perform the musical greeting for your recipient, live and in person if possible.

Link to Live Musical Hoiday Greetings Request page

Live Musical Holiday Greetings Request page

Send A Musical Holiday Greeting To Your Friends And Help Our Violin Program.

If you liked that wait till you hear all of the SASS children play Jingle Bells for the OCCTAC Holiday Celebration, Dec. 18th.

Please help us share.

Please use the social media you have access to, to help us get the word out while people are making their shopping list and checking them twice.    Share our Seasonal Event on Facebook

With 10-12 donations we can put a small violin in the hands of an under served child in the Santa Ana Suzuki Strings program at in 2012.

We can’t wait to recieve a request from you and surprise someone you care about.


On behalf of our Young Volunteers, Thank you for making a contribution to the SASS Violin Fund at OCCTAC.  We want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.

Ms. Cynthia

Director of Talent Education Center: Suzuki Violin, Irvine

and Santa Ana Suzuki Strings at in Santa Ana, CA

Suzuki Violin Students performing at OCCTAC

Link to SASS YouTube