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If you are thinking about getting your child started with violin classes here is a list of the most important books you will need to begin with.

 Suzuki Violin’s bookshelf: for new Students on Goodreads

The most important of them is the Suzuki Violin Book, Volume 1, Revised Edition with the CD.  The CD is especially  important so that you can get a head start listening to the Twinkle Variations softly in the background with the single repeat button.   Your goal is to start memorizing the rhythms of the first 5 variations.
Ability Development from Age Zero As a  Parent, you are encouraged to learn as much as possible about the Suzuki Method. We know that parents are busy and don’t have time for more than a few minutes of reading between all the events in their day.  Start with an introduction to the Suzuki Method that has short chapters explaining a few of the basic concepts.

This little gem of a book by Dr. Suzuki is filled with his insights about how children learn from their environment at an early age.

If you are starting a child who is between 3-6 years of age you will want to have lots of ideas for practicing at home to make it enjoyable and help you remember some of the games you played in class. The Pre Twinkle Book: Poems For The Youngest Suzuki Children will give you lots of ideas to encourage the repetitions you need to develop mastery of new skills from your lesson in a playful manner. In the back of the book are more silly words and poems for learning and singing the songs from book I that you are listening to on the CD. You will get lots of mileage from this little book.

There are a few more books on the list you may find helpful depending on what kind of learner you are. A new version of
which provides a biography of Dr. Suzuki’s story.

If you have difficulty remembering details from your lessons one good souse used by many new teachers is

The easiest Suzuki oriented catalogue to use is: It is small and user friendly.

But if you can’t find it there a larger catalogue you can try is: Shar may still have better stock and prices than Amazon most days.

You will be plenty busy listening to the CD and reading the first book in the list but if you have more questions go to my main website at and give me a call.

Why talent is overrated, book discusion for Suzuki teachers.


I have seen Mr. Colvin interviewed by Charlie Rose and found it interesting.   But much to my surprised I found it listed as a reading and discussion activity for Suzuki Teachers on our 1st on line Virtual Leadership Retreat.   I am looking forward to a lively discussion among my fellow professionals across the American hemispheres.

Book Discussion for the VLR

The book Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin will be discussed during the Virtual Leadership Retreat. There is a review of the book in the latest issue of the ASJ on page 31. Read the book in preparation for the VLR, or at the very least this article by Colvin on CNN: Why Talent Is Overrated.

Why talent is overrated – Oct. 21, 2008.

Copies of the American Suzuki Journal can be found in our studio.    There are a few articles from it published on the Suzuki Association site.   I encourage parents who would like to stay informed about Suzuki activities nationally and globally to become members.   See benefits.

Mr. Colvin talks about a wide variety of talent which includes business talent, technologist, scientist and sports in addition to musicians.   I am sure he will have some things to say that music teachers will disagree with.   This first chapter certainly suggests that we should be in pursuit of thoughtful practice and repetition.

If you are already reading this volume I invite you to use this venue to start your own discussion on this post.   As I reread the copy available and participate in the teaches leadership retreat in April I will update this post.

I would like to go back to that interview with Charlie Rose and remember who Mr. Colvin is.