We have been noticed by :Paget Suzuki Strings

We have noticed on the web by another Suzuki program.   They have put a link on their site to our pages about Listening.   This happens to be one the best read pages on our site.   Imagine that.    Parents and teachers from other music programs can not learn enough about listening.   We appreciate the flattery and hope to become more useful in the future.

If you haven’t found time to read the articles on this page I encourage you to do so.    You can also find it and print it out at www.got2twinkle.com  When you finish reading “Listening for Success”   you might want to check out the link on

Paget Suzuki Strings Pages    below our link and see what Suzuki Institute of Seattle recommends for extra listening and reading.

If you can’t guess where this Suzuki Program is check out the link above.  It will knock your socks off.   The Violin teacher,  Jyrki Pietila happened to be in Matsumoto studying with Dr. Suzuki just before Ms. Cynthia showed up to start her training.

Thank you for your attention.   We were glad to be helpful.

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