Prelude Strings Concert, Spring 09′

I was very pleased with this Springs Prelude Strings Concert.   Compared to other concerts I have heard them play in the past I thought this one showed quit a bit of musical maturity.   They are really beginning to shine in their own right as an exceptional performing organization for their age level.

Pieces where played with real expression and feeling.   Eyes were very much on the conductor with a very professional attitude.   They were all taking themselves very seriously as musicians.   You had the feeling that much of the music was nearly memorized.    Even notes in the upper register were rather in tune and played with a good tone.   This is notable since the pieces they are playing have steadily become more interesting as well as difficult over the years.

It is even more pleasing that we have 4 students from TEC participating in these wonderful orchestras.   This has been a great place to develop there skills as orchestra members from the very beginning.

Bravo Prelude Strings.   I hope that some one’s dad got some video of the performance this year.  I would love to have a sample to share with future families.   Wish more of the younger children from our program had attended these concerts.   I am sure they would have found a concert of this length manageable and inspiring.

Announcement below

Prelude Strings Concert

Saturday, April 25,      11:0-11:45am

free admission & parking

Samsvick Chapel, on the campus of

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This is the Spring 08′ Concert of the Chamber Strings and Prelude Strings Youth orchestra program.   This is a Preparatory orchestra program in which 4 of our violin students currently participate in.   Arya, Kayla, Tianrui & Katherine have been working hard all year.   We invite you to come and give them encouragement at this years final concert.
This is also a good family concert to bring young children to.   It is short enough for PreTwinklers and Twinklers to see older students playing their instruments.

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Spring Concert Flyer

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