Transfer Students

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There are many reasons for changing teachers.  These days many families have been moving into new communities and changing school systems.  Welcome to Orange County.  Welcome to Irvine.  We are looking forward to meeting you.

Transfer Students from other Suzuki programs

Suzuki students from another studio must have completely ceased their studies with their last teacher before Ms. Cynthia will take them.  It is important that your student is not faced with taking direction from two different teachers on a weekly basis.

Please come when you can observe Ms. Cynthia teaching a student close to your level.  Then you can schedule a time to play for her and discuss where you last left off.  Each of you will have different needs depending on the training and experience of your last teacher or the amount of access you had to teachers in the program you were in.

Bring all of your music and be prepared to play any pieces or tonalizations you have memorized.  Ms. Cynthia needs to learn enough about you to assess your current level.   If you have been away from lessons for a while you may have lost ground on your pieces and need guided assistance to get these pieces back under your fingers.  Ms. Cynthia can learn the most about you by hearing your most basic pieces from memory.

Ms. Cynthia will be looking for ways she can get you back on track and making progress.  She may have some suggestions that require working on your review list and filling some of the gaps in your technique.  Her goal is to get you up and playing again at your optimal best.  Please be open to her suggestions.  After all she has studied under some of the best Suzuki Teachers Trainers in the world.

Transfer Students from other violin Methods

If you are using the Suzuki Books as a reading book, but not listening to the CD every day, you have not been using the Suzuki Method.  Suzuki Students memorize all of their pieces as the learn them.

If you are still interested in the Suzuki Method as an instructional method you would like to pursue with your child the first thing you will need to do is get a copy of the Suzuki Violin CD vol I and start listening as Ms. Cynthia recommends.

Bring all of your violin instructional materials to your first interview or observation with Ms. Cynthia.  She would still like to hear what you can play.  Be ready to play any scales you have memorized for the pieces you can play.   From this point, we can assess what your goals for playing the violin include and what skills you will need to obtain your goals.

If you have been learning by reading music from notes you will want to start memorizing as many easy Book I pieces and tonalizations as possible so that we can use them to work on your technic.  Most teachers expect you to memorize your scales so that you can focus on technic.  This is so you can concentrate on your position and tone without being distracted with note reading.  We will do the same thing with your easiest pieces.

By memorizing your pieces, we can make a better connection between your ears and your fingers.  I have had many transfer students who have made amazing progress in their playing when they took the time to listen to their Suzuki CDs.

The goal is to make playing the violin as easy as possible in the long run so can have more fun playing the violin.