We can not know where the violin will take them.

Take another look at those children on the ‘Older Beginner’ page. As I look back I realize that one can not know where the violin will take the lives of these young musicians. Their violin is their passport to the world. And for that reason, I must prepare and teach every one of them as if they were going to become a future musician or professional.

One of these children went on to get 1st place in the State CA Fiddle contest. She is now a graduate in performance from the Peabody School of Music. Another went on to study with a Julliard trained professor who is a friend of mine. Yet another went to Johns Hopkins to study pre-med. You can not guess which child it is by looking at the photo but the one that impresses me the most overcame his own disability and now serves as a paramedic to save other peoples lives.

Every one of these children had great potential to make a contribution to society. They have stories I am still waiting to hear about.

But no matter what a child is struggling with in his life or in his music we must teach them all as if they were going to use that music to make the world a better place. We can not know what their full potential is until they have long since left our studio so we must give each one our very best.