TEC Students play in Prelude Strings Spring 08′

This Spring 4 of our students participated in a Spring Concert for the Prelude String Orchestra and the Prelude Chamber Strings.  These preparatory string groups which TEC student participants of Prelude StringsTEC student participants of Prelude Stringsprovide opportunities for students age 8 – 14 to have an orchestral experience from a young age.   Students are expected to audition every year in September.

TEC students after Prelude Spring Concert

TEC students in Prelude Orchstra.

This year was Katherine’s first year.   She had just finished Book I and was barely into Book II and starting to do some sight reading.   I must say she was a little nervous about the audition, but for such a petite young lady she is filled to capacity with enthusiasm.   And it must have shown through because the teachers at the audition could see how much this very



determined young student was going to accomplish in one year.   Don’t be fooled by her sweet personality when you see her coming your way.   Even as a first year participant she has already earned her first perfect attendance award.  Yea!! Katherine!!




Tianrui is a transfer student to our program.   He came to TEC from a program that already emphasized reading skills.   He has worked very hard to improve his physical control of violin technique and bowing.   He is now developing a wonderful tone.  Quiet and extremely polite, he has become a very sensitive musician.   In the middle of Book II when he auditioned, he has now progressed to the end of Book III and is starting to play his first concertos in Book IV.    Tienrei and AryaHe made it into the first violin section of Prelude Strings on his first audition.   We look forward to future progress.

Arya is becoming an experienced member of the Prelude Strings.   She is also busy supporting her local school orchestra as a cellist this year.    This seems to keep her interest in their fledgling school program.    She has also benefited from the experience of going to a summer music camp experience at Interlocken in Anarbor, Michigan.    Arya is now well on her way into  Book IV.   She has grown in musical leadership skills and increasingly takes her violin studies very seriously.

This year Kayla managed to secure a chair in the Chamber Strings.   As a dancer, a pianist and an avid reader she is also no stranger to hard work and perseverance.   This year she was the other student from TEC who earned a perfect attendance recognition.   She is undaunted by her seating in the III violin section in the back of the orchestra as she has quickly moved into Book IV this year.   She has grown with confidence from the challenge.

 Kayla in orchestra

I have a rehearsal

I have a rehearsal

The orchestras are both directed by Helen Weed with the help of many volunteers from Suzuki teachers and parents.   It was founded by Suzuki teachers 14 years ago with the encouragement of the Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts.  It is continues to be sponsored by the Suzuki Music Association of California, LA branch-O.C. Chapter and is now affiliated with the Pacific Youth Symphony.   They have performed in many locations in the Orange County area including: South Coast Plaza, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, O.C Performing Arts Center and Laguna Woods.

Helen Weed, Conductor

Helen Weed, Conductor

 While membership in this orchestra program includes an annual fee, it would not be possible if it were not for donations from sponsoring organizations, businesses and families.  I am pleased when ever parents at TEC volunteer to assist Prelude Strings.  We very much appreciate the privilege of having such a fine music organization to send our students to.

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Prelude Orchestra concert