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Welcome–to the Talent Education Center: Suzuki Violin.    We are a growing Suzuki violin program for all children, age three and up, located in Irvine, CA..  Founded in 1992 by Ms. Cynthia, a Suzuki Violin teacher, trained under Dr. Suzuki in Japan for three years, TEC offers violin instruction specially designed for beginners as early as preschool and continues their growth and musical development until they go off to college   It is Ms. Cynthia’s desire to gather together a community of fellow Suzuki families in Orange County who support and mentor each other in the creation of an enriched musical environment.


Our main website is still www.got2twinkle.com .   That is where we keep more detailed information about our program for those who would like to know more about how the Suzuki Method works for our students.   You will also find out what Ms. Cythiia’s credentials are, what you need for classes and see descriptions and videos of TEC classes.  Occasionally, we will refer to it here as this blog provides Start Up information for new families and more current information about TEC Studio activities.


TECBlog posts

–are going to focus on recent activities of the Talent Education Center and archive our Studio History and development.   An active Suzuki program is a busy place with children and parents busy with: taking lessons, practicing at home, participating in group lessons & recitals  in the studio, participating in school and community ensembles and sometimes doing outreach in their own community.    We would like to invite you to the activities which we open to the public in a timely way through our posts.  Please take advantage of our social media if you would like to get a heads up.

Fiddling for local non-profit from Orange County in a local Irvine Park

Sometimes TEC students can be found developing their musical leadership skills by doing community service in the OC community. Children learn to value their musical development when they have opportunities to use it to help others

Our Pages

–will provide some quick topical information that addresses frequently asked questions about music study inspired  and raised by new parents to our program.  Ms. Cynthia hopes to give you incite about why she likes to start preschoolers and how she interprets the Suzuki Method in her teaching.   Being a music teacher in this age requires constant updating and training as new research on the brain is opening  more windows on the influence of music on child development.  These pages will always be available in the top of the menu where you can find them easily.



–was added to the menu to talk about accomplishments of students we would like to recognize.  Their example might be an inspiration for others.    After more than 20 years since the founding of this studio, we have a growing number of alumni from this program out in the world somewhere. Some of these TEC violin kids have even graduated from college by now. As we find them and learn what they are up to we will try to share their stories.


If you studied with Ms. Cynthia at TEC and are out there living your next adventure in life we would love to hear from you.  Ms. Cynthia is very interested in the lives of her students and their future development.  You are busy doing amazing things.   Please contact her or leave a message on her Facebook.


Get in Touch

It is our hope that you will see something on this site that inspires you to study the violin yourself or bring your children for instruction.   If you live in the Orange County region we invite you to come to see this Suzuki program in person with your family by observing lesson’s of TEC students in the studio or attending one of our activities   If you have more questions than Ms. Cynthia can answer for you here please go to www.got2twinkle.com/TECContact


Feel free to leave comments and tell us something about your interest in music.   We would love to hear from you on our Facebook pages: 
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